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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save money and keep food fresher using the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™?
Is it different from freezing food?

Using the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ allows you to buy food in bulk and helps keep food fresh, flavorful, and freezer burn-free for up to 5x longer.*
The PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ removes air and creates a patented, airtight double seal, which prevents air from getting into the bag. Vacuum sealing can be used to extend the life of food up to five times and helps prevent freezer burn. 

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*vs. traditional food storage method.

How is the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ different than other vacuum sealers?
Unlike most vacuum sealers, the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ is a portable, powerful, handheld vacuum sealer that creates a patented, airtight double seal on almost any type of bag containing almost any kind of ingredient – dry, frozen, fresh, including marinades.

Why is the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ easier to use than other vacuum sealers?
The PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ is both compact, handheld, and easy to store. Plus, the built-in bag cutter makes cutting bags to size simple.

What foods can I use the Duo NutriSealer™ for?
The PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ allows you to seal and store almost any food from fresh meat, produce, and leftovers to dry goods and liquids / marinades.

How is the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ multifunctional?
The 6-in-1 PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ allows you to seal and store in a variety of ways in the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer with vacuum sealer bags, vacuum sealer bag rolls, food bags, containers, bottles, and individual snack bags.

How does the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ help reduce waste?
The PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ helps you keep food fresh longer, meaning you'll throw away less food, saving you money.

What types of bags can I use?
Almost any type of vacuum-sealable bag up to 11 inches wide can be used. The vacuum sealer bags included with the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ are designed to work best with this appliance.

How do I seal the vacuum sealer zipper bags and the bags from the vacuum sealer bag roll?
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Can I cook food in the vacuum sealer bag roll bags or the vacuum sealer zipper bags?
The vacuum sealer bags from the bag roll are freezer, microwave, dishwasher, and boiling-water-safe. The vacuum sealer zipper bags are freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

Is the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ only for food storage?
The Duo NutriSealer™ makes storing and preserving non-food items easy and convenient. Seal travel-size creams, shampoo, and medications, organizing crafts, or making ice packs. Vacuum sealing can help protect items and documents from mildew or water damage.

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Do I need to buy a separate bag cutter?
No, the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ has a built-in bag cutter that allows you to cut bags to the size you want. Sealing is easier and more convenient without scissors or extra appliances to find while using only the amount from the bag roll you need helps reduce waste.

How do I use the bag cutter to customize bags?
Simply place your bag under the sealing arm and slide the bag cutter to cut the bag to your desired size.

How can I make individual snack bags?
Since the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ makes a double seal and can seal both vertically and horizontally, you can seal smaller snack packs all at once. Simply portion out your snacks and use the sealer to divide a larger bag into smaller snack pack sections. With the double seal, you can cut one snack pack out of the larger bag without breaking the vacuum seal. This is also a great option for creating individual serving-size nut butter packs or individual servings of almost any type of food.

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How do I seal containers?
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What can the bottle stopper be used for?
You can use the bottle stopper to vacuum seal opened bottles, such as wine bottles, oil bottles, and non-carbonated liquids, keeping the contents fresh for longer.

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How easy is the PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ to clean?
The PowerXL Duo NutriSealer™ comes with a built-in drip tray that helps catch crumbs and drippings to help keep your countertop clean. Cleaning the sealer is easy; simply wipe clean with a warm, moist cloth. 

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What are the dimensions?
17.87" x 3.27" x 2.91"